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Meet The Artist

Fco. J Jaimes Garcia

Lead Designer / Owner

I'm a designer, an animal lover,  an older brother, and outdoors enthusiast...I love my family & friends, concerts, video games, tacos, festivals, and staying physically fit.

"Creating & developing art is my passion."

Born and raised in the State of Mexico and surrounded by talented family members, my creativity and inspiration began as young as 6 years old and took shape in the form traditional pencil sketches. During my early teen years, my love for panting led me to receive several awards in regional art competitions. As a high school student in Raleigh, NC and after being introduced to computer graphics & design industry standards like Adobe's Photoshop, I was helping with my local high school web site, creating logos & flyers for local businesses/events, and helped with the marketing at the non-profit computer lab where I was a volunteer. 

After high school I decided to pursue art and design as a career by taking on projects that allowed me to expand my already established skill set. My passion for art and design has led me to take on challenges that through the years have shaped me into the artist that I am today. 

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• Photoshop

• Illustrator

• InDesign

• Microsoft Office

• Creative Suite



• Logo Creation

• Web Design

• Illustration

• Digital Art

• Print Design



• Hiking

• Photography

• Listening To Music

• Cuddling With Pets

• Eating Yummy Food

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